The Fishing at Armstong Spring Creek

This world famous spring creek is one of the most sought after destinations by fly fishermen anywhere in the world.

With over 1.5 miles of fishable riffles, runs and pools this spring creek is a classic trout stream, offering great dry fly, nymphing and even streamer water.

Dry fly enthusiasts will be delighted by our consistant hatches of PMDs, BWOs, Midges and a host of other insects. The challenge of sight fishing to large and wary trout is something that must be experienced by every trout fisherman.

While guides are not required they are recommended even for experienced anglers during their first trip to the stream. Please view our Rates & Reservations page to learn more about fishing the creek. To learn more please browse our site or contact Judy at 406.222.2979


"I highly recommend my clients take advantage of this fantastic fishery, both for the quality of the experience and the great education one gets from watching these trout in their natural habitat."

Eric Adams
Montana Fly Fishing Guides